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Equity Release Guide

Simply put, equity release is taking some of the value of your property and turning it into cash that you can use for other purposes. There are 2 main ways of doing this, with a Lifetime Mortgage or a Home…

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Mortgage Guide

A mortgage is probably the biggest financial commitment you’ll ever make, and you may have little or no previous experience of applying for one. It’s not easy to compare different mortgage deals, and the decisions you make now could affect…

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Life Insurance Guide

Here at The Money Guardian we want to help you figure out what you need to protect your life and those of your loved ones. It can be confusing to know what would be most beneficial but that is where…

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Guide to prices

At The Money Guardian we believe that financial planning should be accessible to everyone whatever they earn, and so we work hard to ensure you get great value from fees that are reasonable and fair. Wherever we can, we offset…

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