With The Money Guardian, you receive truly
tailor-made financial advice.

Everyone’s different. So we focus on precisely what’s right for you. And it all begins with a chat.
Whether it’s financial advice for you, your family or your business, we won’t just focus on the short-
term either. We’ll ask questions that can help us guide you through a lifetime of important decisions.

Two-steps is all it takes

Our approach to financial planning is simple and straightforward and without pressure. We understand it can take time to make such big decisions,
especially when you are busy. We help you to reach the decision that feels right for you, when it feels right to do it.

Step 1

A free consultation to understand
exactly what you need

It's important to feel you can trust your adviser. So this first meeting gives us a chance to get to know each other. It means you can tell us your goals. And we can tell you how The Money Guardian can help. We'll also let you know about any costs if you do choose to go ahead, so everything is clear and transparent.

Step 2

A review of your options,
recommendations and help with the forms

All the information from Step 1 helps us review the options available to you. We'll give you tailor-made recommendations, then call or meet with you to discuss them. If you choose to go ahead, we'll negotiate with providers on your behalf. We'll also complete the application process for you. That way you'll get the best outcome in the quickest time.


What our clients say