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When it comes to organising finance for those big life decisions or protecting your interests for the future, we believe that you should have the support of someone you can trust. That’s why we’re on a mission to make the world of financial planning a lot more welcoming. A lot less complicated. And always worth your while.

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Melanie Eastwood

Director & Adviser

Melanie established The Money Guardian to offer an alternative to the overly complicated world of financial planning. As Melanie explains, “I love it when clients tell us how good they feel knowing their finances are sorted. It’s important to us that they’re able to walk through the big decisions in life feeling completely confident.”

Dominic Brierley

Director & Adviser

Dominic joined The Money Guardian as a senior partner. He brings a wealth of experience from 30 years in financial services. Dominic says, “At The Money Guardian, we see life as a journey. We’re here to help people at those times when professional advice can make a real difference.”

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