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At The Money Guardian we believe that financial planning should be accessible to everyone whatever they earn, and so we work hard to ensure you get great value from fees that are reasonable and fair. Wherever we can, we offset our costs with any commission paid by the financial product provider. And we will always tell you about any fees before completing any work on your behalf.


No charge.
Helping you find the right insurance for your situation is our pleasure, and it won’t cost you anything. Insurance providers offer a commission payment as a thank you for the introduction, and this is sufficient to cover our costs.


In most cases we charge an application fee of £399 for mortgages, prior to getting to this point in the mortgage process, we provide lots of free guidance and research.
The remaining cost of arranging your mortgage is covered by the lender as a commission payment, which allows us to keep our fees to a minimum.
If your case is more complicated, these fees may be subject to change, but we’ll always agree this with you first before going any further.

Will Writing

A standard Single Will costs £245
A Mirror Will, for you and your partner, costs £325.

In most cases the standard priced Wills are enough. As well as the time involved in understanding your requirements, coaching you to make some important decisions and producing your Will, this includes:

  • The naming of your partner/spouse and all children in Wills as required.
  • Up to 2 named Guardians.
  • Up to 4 named Executors.
  • Partner/Spouse and all children as beneficaries.
  • 1 Draft Will for checking.
  • Final Will for signing, and guidance for signing.
  • Commentary to help you to understand your Will now and in the future.
  • 2 Additional Copies of Wills for your safe keeping.
  • A guide to completing your Letter of Wishes (available to download)
  • Storage for life with your own registered key card that you can access at any time.
  • Registration of your Will online at the National Will Database.

If you require any additional people or gifts to be named these will be charged at £5 each. When producing the draft will, if you require any changes to your initial requirements, these will be charged at £10 per change.
If your Will is more complicated than a standard Will and we need to charge extra, we will explain these charges to you before completing any work, giving you the chance to agree to the new price.